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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Tenacity has long recognised the importance and value of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles to our investments. We believe that the recent COVID-19 pandemic will now serve to put a renewed focus on each of these areas as the world looks towards recovery and a more human approach.


Why ESG matters


ESG is about more than just a collection of buzzwords. It is about the world we want to live in.


At Tenacity, ESG is perhaps most evident in our real estate investments and our proposed development projects where we believe that this will fundamentally re-shape the approach to development on each of our projects. The stewardship of these assets brings many responsibilities, including to the wider environment and to the local community.


The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating, resulting in the loss of many lives and destroying livelihoods in every corner of the globe. But times such as these also lead to a complete re-appraisal of our societies: from the air that we breathe through to the things that truly matter such as family, friends, strong communities, mental and physical health and the importance of a true work-life balance. 


In the corporate world, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised significant questions about the long term future of the office.  At Tenacity, we do not believe that COVID-19 will create a long term and permanent switch to ‘working from home,’ instead we believe we will see a movement towards a new type of office space, one that prioritises the workforce and their mental and physical wellbeing. This change was long in the making, but the pace will now quicken, and Tenacity will look to embrace it.


Environmental considerations have long been seen as the crucial element of ESG. While this will remain, it is clear in the emerging landscape post-COVID that the gap between the E and SG elements will narrow significantly.

The best, and we believe only way forward post-COVID, is to bring ESG from being in the footnotes, to being the fundamental pillars of the future.


Please see here for Tenacity’s bespoke ESG Manifesto.

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