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Tenacity Reveals Revised City Tower Plans

Hong Kong-based Tenacity has unveiled updated proposals for its redevelopment of 70 Gracechurch Street, EC3.

The firm, founded by Patrick Wong, altered its plans following a public consultation in December on its aims to create a new 33-storey tower in the City of London to provide around 600,000 sq ft of office and retail space.

The new plans now allow for a double height public amenity and viewing gallery on levels 29 and 30, while the façade and massing of the building has been refined to improve local views.

Tenacity has modified the podium space for the tower, reducing it to double height, and has removed the urban foyer to create more terraces for office occupiers and social space, which the firm hopes will further improve the workplace environment.

Further greening has also been added via green roofs and in between the tower’s three separate elements. Additional tree planting in the public realm is also proposed.

The 155m tall scheme, to be known as The Forum, is now back out to public consultation.

Tenacity has also now submitted a planning application to the City of London to redevelop 55 Gracechurch Street, EC3. It is looking to create an all-electric 31-storey tower on the site.

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